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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Corruption, Protest and Discontent with Haitian 2010 Elections

The country of Haiti has been the focus of world news. The  international community is  discontent about the $28 million dollars invested in the November 28,2010 Haitian election. An election that was supposed to run smoothly, but instead is said to be corrupted and filled with confusion.Two candidates are currently left to battle head to head for the final goal of being Haiti's new President. The cries of the people are over looked and the anger quickly turns into violence when Michel"Sweet Mickey" Martelly was nominated out of the final round of the election.The end result being first lady Mirlande Manigat and prefered candidate of previous president Renee Preval, Jude Celestin reaching for success.
Haiti is constantly being struck by devastations. The most destructive was the January 12, 2010 earthquake that left an estimated 230,000 dead and over one million people homeless. The 2010 election brought a certain hope to the people that change was under way. A change that was supposed to be a positive one for the Haitian people. As lines formed in the early a.m. of Novemeber 28,2010, anxious Haitian citizens waited as voting polls opened.Voters approached the voting table only to be turned away for not being registered at the right polls. Tension throughout the country began to rise as voting polls began to report the same confusing scenario.Thousands of people were rejected at the voting polls,including well known artist Wyclef Jean. As the day went on a solution was never found and the voice of thousands were neglected. For the people of Haiti a slap in the face by Mother Nature is road block to overcome, but a slap in the face by mankind was inexcusable. This action was the cause of the protest in the street and chaos that continue to hit the capital of Haiti.
U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stated on Monday that patience is running out on this election deadlock. The current President, Rene Preval once again asked for the help of the international community with a vote recount. Michel Martelly who still has not given up on his hope of becoming the new Haitian president oppose the recount calling it a "trap" and he is supported by current presidential running Mirlande Manigat. Both of them worried that a recount will put Rene Preval favorite, Jude Celestin in the presidential seat. A choice that is rejected by many in the Haitian community.

Time is running out for this country as the anniversary of the January 12th earthquake is approaching. Change is inevitable, but  will it be the change that the people of Haiti is hoping for.A change that will make or break the country of Haiti

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