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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Election-The Issues

With Florida elections right around the corner it is surprising to me how people are still undecided on who would be the best fit behind the Florida Senator and Governor's desk. It is like the voters are blinded and can not see the issues that affect Florida daily. The issues such as the elderly residents waiting in line for days in hopes of getting affordable housing on Wednesday morning. Only to be told that only a handful of them will e able to call one of these places home. Florida is the leader in the nation for high-school drop outs. This issue seem to slip the minds of many. Unemployement is at all all time high and has spiked up to 11.4% .

Florida candidates are slandering each other daily by either commercials or debates. We the voters need to avoid these political tactics and vote for the better fit that will resolve our state's problems.

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