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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Miami Heat Win Christmas Game Against L.A. Lakers - Sports - Blogcritics

The Miami Heat Win Christmas Game Against L.A. Lakers - Sports - Blogcritics

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Corruption, Protest and Discontent with Haitian 2010 Elections

The country of Haiti has been the focus of world news. The  international community is  discontent about the $28 million dollars invested in the November 28,2010 Haitian election. An election that was supposed to run smoothly, but instead is said to be corrupted and filled with confusion.Two candidates are currently left to battle head to head for the final goal of being Haiti's new President. The cries of the people are over looked and the anger quickly turns into violence when Michel"Sweet Mickey" Martelly was nominated out of the final round of the election.The end result being first lady Mirlande Manigat and prefered candidate of previous president Renee Preval, Jude Celestin reaching for success.
Haiti is constantly being struck by devastations. The most destructive was the January 12, 2010 earthquake that left an estimated 230,000 dead and over one million people homeless. The 2010 election brought a certain hope to the people that change was under way. A change that was supposed to be a positive one for the Haitian people. As lines formed in the early a.m. of Novemeber 28,2010, anxious Haitian citizens waited as voting polls opened.Voters approached the voting table only to be turned away for not being registered at the right polls. Tension throughout the country began to rise as voting polls began to report the same confusing scenario.Thousands of people were rejected at the voting polls,including well known artist Wyclef Jean. As the day went on a solution was never found and the voice of thousands were neglected. For the people of Haiti a slap in the face by Mother Nature is road block to overcome, but a slap in the face by mankind was inexcusable. This action was the cause of the protest in the street and chaos that continue to hit the capital of Haiti.
U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stated on Monday that patience is running out on this election deadlock. The current President, Rene Preval once again asked for the help of the international community with a vote recount. Michel Martelly who still has not given up on his hope of becoming the new Haitian president oppose the recount calling it a "trap" and he is supported by current presidential running Mirlande Manigat. Both of them worried that a recount will put Rene Preval favorite, Jude Celestin in the presidential seat. A choice that is rejected by many in the Haitian community.

Time is running out for this country as the anniversary of the January 12th earthquake is approaching. Change is inevitable, but  will it be the change that the people of Haiti is hoping for.A change that will make or break the country of Haiti

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lynn: The Makeup beyond Makeups

Lynn: The Makeup beyond Makeups: "I have always been a fan of Mac Cosmetics. As an African American woman it is hard to find make-up that fits your tone perfectly.With Mac ..."

The Makeup beyond Makeups

I have always been a fan of Mac Cosmetics. As an African American woman it is hard to find make-up that fits your tone perfectly.With Mac Cosmetics the perfect match is not a difficult task and shopping Mac Cosmetics is is fun and a learning event.
My mother and I decided to shop my favorite department store Macy's Pembroke Lakes. With the intentions of buying a foundation we walked through the doors and straight to the mac department. There, I met Sharon Isse,retain Mgr/Make-up Artist. Her persona was great and her energy was positive,not to mention the fact her makeup looked AWESOME!!! I explained to her that I needed to replace my studio stick foundation. "Unfortunately that foundation is discontinued" she answered. That statement turned a smile to a frown,instantly. "But sit here and let me test the new line on you" she replied. I was smiling from cheek to cheek again.

I sat in front of the mirror as she started to work her magic on one side of my face. She began by moisturizing my skin with the moisturizer. I loved it, My skin felt soft and silky, not heavy at all. Following the moisturizer she applied the the Pro Long wear Concealer and mixed together with the Pro Long wear SPF Foundation. Mixing the two she told me , was the key to getting a natural finished looked. The transformation of one side of my face with just the basics impressed me. Scharon continued to the other side of my face with just the basics and her doing that was reminder to me why Mac Cosmetics is most popular cosmetic throughout the nation. Schraon finalized the basics with Prep+Prime finished powder once again mixed with the loosed powder in my skin tone. I was happy with the final look. The look was a natural day look and she added a touch of color with the Raizin, Mac blush ; the Mahogany ,Mac lip liner and the Viva Glam lipstick. This natural look was great for a day at the office or even perfect in front of the camera for a news broadcaster.

I will always be impressed with Mac Cosmetics. It is a diverse cosmetic line for every type of skin. Check our maccosmetic.com or visit Scharon @ Macy's @Pembroke Lakes .
Oh, By the way I went to the Macy's Mac counter for one foundation and walked out with a bag
full of Mac Cosmetics.(They get me very time :), lol)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mr Nice Guy?????

I walked into a Miami convenience store and something caught my eye. A customer was buying marijuana and paying for it at the register. I looked around to make sure that a camera crew wasn't going to pop out with a group of people laughing, but this wasn't a joke. Marijuana being sold out of a convenience store?? When did this happen. I thought California was the only state that legalized marijuana and they are definitely not being sold out of stores. The package being brought said "Mr Nice Guy" When the customer opened his package at the register I couldn't believe my eyes. This couldn't be marijuana? So I decided to be nosey and investigate.

Mr. Nice Guy is an synthetic marijuana that is being sold as herbal incense. The product claims that it is a blend of different herbal smoke blends and is 100% drug test safe. It was being sold on the herbalcity.com website and is now being sold at our local convenience store and gas stations for $20.00-$30.00 per package, which weighs about one gram.

So what are the side effects and what makes this blend so different from marijuana that it is okay to be sold out of stores? Doctors are indicating that the product is a stronger version of the drug minus the THC. It is a variety of the herbals plants sprayed with chemicals mimicking THC. Mr. Nice Guys label states that it should not be used for humans consumption. This synthetic marijuana has been banned in 8 states and is leaving trails of emergencyroom visits and linked to some deaths. The symptoms include dizziness, nausea, abnormal heart beat, and hallucinations.

So I guess Mr Nice guys isn't so nice after all? and to my parents out there, here is another one to put on your list of things to educate our kids about.

POLL: Do you think that parents should educate their kids about Mr. Nice Guy or should parents keep it quiet until it's an issue at home or school. (answer in comment box)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lynn: Is the Heat On?

Lynn: Is the Heat On?: "When I was a kid I remembered being nervous for my first day of school. I Could not sleep the night before I couldn't even eat breakfast the..."

Is the Heat On?

When I was a kid I remembered being nervous for my first day of school. I Could not sleep the night before I couldn't even eat breakfast the day of because of butterflies. The thought of seeing my friends again and the excitement of the challenges of the new school year just kept my adrenaline pumping. Til this day I still get flustered if I start a new challenge. I am a die hard Laker fan, but I have to come to the defense of the Heat for my friends that are heat fans.

Just like it takes us time to get adjusted to a new challenges it will take the Heat a couple games to get it together.MAYBE then they will be unstoppable(notice is said MAYBE ,that will change when they play the Lakers) LOL

They did good last night. They had to overcome the challenge of playing their first game away from home and with that in mind the the score of 80-88 is not bad at all. Great job Miami Heat!!! This was just a warm up.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Toddler R Us

It's amazing how the mind of a toddler works. I have not worked as a preschool teacher for over 7 years so I forgot how smart these one year and two years old children could be. They watch the information around them and absorbs it like a sponge. A toddlers mind should not be underestimated. There are many ways to use this exciting revelation to a parents advantage. Stimulating your toddlers mind is the best way to avoid negative behaviors. These simple 5 techniques can also help prepare these little people for preschool.

1-Have an actual conversation with your toddler, no baby talk. Use actual words. If they point or wine for an object that they want, associate that object with the proper word. If you give the object to them after they point to it without the association you can be holding them back from talking.
2-Reading is fundamental. Reading for a toddler is the best way to stimulate their mind. Let them interact with you to keep the story interesting. Keep in mind the little ones attention span is short. So keep the book simple.
3- Let's Bake- Let your toddler help you add the ingredients to the batter or even pour the batter in the pan.
4- Music-did you know that playing smooth or classical music while you child is sleeping stimulates healthy brain development. Have no shame in popping in the Mozart or Kenny G , both you and your toddler can enjoy and nap in peace.
5- Library Time-Your toddler is not to young to go to the library. Most local libraries have programs for ages 1yr-3yrs. They encourage parent participation, so go to the library and have fun with your little one.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Election-The Issues

With Florida elections right around the corner it is surprising to me how people are still undecided on who would be the best fit behind the Florida Senator and Governor's desk. It is like the voters are blinded and can not see the issues that affect Florida daily. The issues such as the elderly residents waiting in line for days in hopes of getting affordable housing on Wednesday morning. Only to be told that only a handful of them will e able to call one of these places home. Florida is the leader in the nation for high-school drop outs. This issue seem to slip the minds of many. Unemployement is at all all time high and has spiked up to 11.4% .

Florida candidates are slandering each other daily by either commercials or debates. We the voters need to avoid these political tactics and vote for the better fit that will resolve our state's problems.