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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Makeup beyond Makeups

I have always been a fan of Mac Cosmetics. As an African American woman it is hard to find make-up that fits your tone perfectly.With Mac Cosmetics the perfect match is not a difficult task and shopping Mac Cosmetics is is fun and a learning event.
My mother and I decided to shop my favorite department store Macy's Pembroke Lakes. With the intentions of buying a foundation we walked through the doors and straight to the mac department. There, I met Sharon Isse,retain Mgr/Make-up Artist. Her persona was great and her energy was positive,not to mention the fact her makeup looked AWESOME!!! I explained to her that I needed to replace my studio stick foundation. "Unfortunately that foundation is discontinued" she answered. That statement turned a smile to a frown,instantly. "But sit here and let me test the new line on you" she replied. I was smiling from cheek to cheek again.

I sat in front of the mirror as she started to work her magic on one side of my face. She began by moisturizing my skin with the moisturizer. I loved it, My skin felt soft and silky, not heavy at all. Following the moisturizer she applied the the Pro Long wear Concealer and mixed together with the Pro Long wear SPF Foundation. Mixing the two she told me , was the key to getting a natural finished looked. The transformation of one side of my face with just the basics impressed me. Scharon continued to the other side of my face with just the basics and her doing that was reminder to me why Mac Cosmetics is most popular cosmetic throughout the nation. Schraon finalized the basics with Prep+Prime finished powder once again mixed with the loosed powder in my skin tone. I was happy with the final look. The look was a natural day look and she added a touch of color with the Raizin, Mac blush ; the Mahogany ,Mac lip liner and the Viva Glam lipstick. This natural look was great for a day at the office or even perfect in front of the camera for a news broadcaster.

I will always be impressed with Mac Cosmetics. It is a diverse cosmetic line for every type of skin. Check our maccosmetic.com or visit Scharon @ Macy's @Pembroke Lakes .
Oh, By the way I went to the Macy's Mac counter for one foundation and walked out with a bag
full of Mac Cosmetics.(They get me very time :), lol)

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